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Welcome to my teacher page. This year I will be teaching grade 5 Music, grades 6-8 Band, grades 5-8 Visual Art and grade 5 Health. I look forward to the school year ahead and anticipate an exciting, fun-filled experience. Please follow the link to Google 'Classroom'. Course outlines, assignments and important upcoming dates are posted in each subject area. Grades will be updated on PowerSchool when available, and if assignments are missing they will be marked as such until handed in. 

All students are expected to show up promptly to class with their required work materials; it is not conducive to learning to be leaving the room after the class has started for locker trips. Students will be informed in-class of what materials they will need habitually, as well as what they might require on special occasions. 
Students are expected to complete all of their work to their best of their ability and hand it in on time. If students are absent they need to speak with their friends or check online so they do not fall behind. Students should be active participants in the class – asking questions, commenting, and answering questions.  Students should challenge themselves to do their best and remember to check grades on PowerSchool regularly to chart progress and catch errors.

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Phone: 403-948-5656
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