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Education and school have traditionally been the hub of our communities.  Not only for the wisdom and knowledge that they create for our present and future, but for the connections that they create for our present and future.  The notion of, 'it takes a village', is something I believe in deeply and it is more important now than ever.  As a leader, I believe in bringing a community together to share leadership in many different avenues.

In a school community, this starts by working to develop leadership in every position and level of the school.  By recognizing an individual's strengths, you show that you value their expertise first and can then help them develop in other areas.  This strength-based focus helps to build a relationship with each individual, pushing them to be better every day.  The more experience I have in leadership, the more I see that effective teachers are effective leaders, and have this same strength based approach with their students.  If we have a community that focused on building leadership in all areas, we are more likely to be successful within our vision.

Through this value on developing leadership, our schools are more open not only to navigate but to lead change as well.  As society continues to change, schools need to adapt to best serve our students for their future as well as their present.  Those that are willing to adapt and learn from change now, will be the ones that are most likely successful in the future.

One of those changes in our world is a shift to an open and transparent environment.  As I always focus on 'what is best for kids', it is crucial that we look to not only help our own students, but how we can help other students across the globe as well.  I want to challenge our students to create a culture of sharing not only within our community but also in the world around.

The most innovative environments tap into 'the wisdom of the room' and bring in different voices continuously to learn and grow; schools must do the same.  The more we can involve parents in this process at home, the more likely students will be successful in school, and beyond.  This community support is imperative.

In summary, building relationships, developing leadership, and focusing on school as the 'hub' of the community, we are more likely to create an environment where our students are building a bright future both today and tomorrow.  By looking at what worked in the past while also looking to develop our future, our community is more likely to be able to come together to create the schools our kids need.


Denise Weaver


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