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My name is Jeff Ainslie and it is my pleasure to welcome your child to my classroom for a wonderful year of learning. My homeroom this year is grade 7-1. This year I will be teaching English Language Arts 7 and Social Studies 6-7. I am also teaching the option courses Coding, Media Production, Market Place and Communication Technology.

My philosophy of teaching can be summarized as guided discovery. I do my best to create projects which incrementally challenge and enhance previous learning. As our current technological society changes so quickly, I also believe that critical thinking skills are key for life-long learning.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by writing a note in your child's agenda or by email at

Steps for Successful Communication

Between Home and School


Here are some quick tips on what and how you can support your child:


1.     Check the Meadowbrook website: (If you are reading are already here!!)

This is a good spot to find out what is going on at Meadowbrook as far as report cards home, dates of important events, holidays, etc.

2.     Check Powerschool on a regular basis

This site can also be found at the TOP of the Meadowbrook website page.

You will need a user name and password.

Doing this will allow you to see up to date marks, due dates and upcoming assignments.  If your child is missing an assignment, it will show up in Powerschool.

3.     Look for your child’s email home.

On a regular basis, students are logging onto Powerschool and checking their own marks.  They are then given time in class to email home and make you aware of their current marks and/or missing assignments.

Doing this will allow you to see marks and also open up dialogue between your child and you, regarding successes and challenges of earned marks.

4.     Establish a routine of students bringing binders home each Friday.

Doing this will allow you to check for organization, look at assignments for completion and it will also allow students to do a weekly review of taught materials that week.

Criminal Record Check for Volunteers- RVS is requiring all parent volunteers complete a Criminal Record Check prior to attending fieldtrips or volunteering in the classroom. These can take several weeks so please plan ahead.

Communicating with Teachers- Please feel free to contact your child’s teachers via email. All email addresses can be found on the Meadowbrook website.

Of course, there will be some things that differ between teachers and we cannot outline all things here.

Contact Me

Phone: (403)948-5656 ext.6563

We look forward to a positive and productive year together!

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