Ms. Breanne McPhee

Hello and welcome to ACP 7/8! This is the first year of the program at the grade 8 level and we can’t wait to see where the program leads this year. I will be leading the 7/8 combined class in a generalist position teaching all core subjects as well as health. I will also be teaching grade 7 options this year.



Course Outlines- Course outlines are posted on Googel Classroom

Assignments All major assignments and notes will be posted on Google Classroom.

Criminal Record Check for Volunteers- RVS is requiring all parent volunteers complete a Criminal Record Check prior to attending fieldtrips or volunteering in the classroom. These can take several weeks so please plan ahead.

Communication- Please feel free to contact me at any time via email:

Of course, there will be some things that differ between teachers and we cannot outline all things here.

Contact Me

Phone: (403)948-5656 ext.6570

We look forward to a positive and productive year together!

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