Shawn Kelm

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7-2 Homeroom


Welcome back students and parents/guardians! I'm glad to continue with the Meadowbrook team this year teaching Humanities 7 and CTF options. I always look forward to the energy and excitement of middle school. I am passionate about Social Studies and Language Arts and I hope I can pass that enthusiasm on to my students.


Contact Me:

Phone: (403) 948-5656


Parent/guardian involvement is a huge part of a student's success. I encourage you to take the time to stay up to date with your child's progress through Powerschool. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email any time you have questions.

Students are required to bring all course materials every day and to complete all assigned work on time. Assignments and due dates are always visible in the GoogleSlide below, on our Google Classroom page and written on the board in the classroom. Students will also need to access Google Classroom regularly to retrieve and complete their daily work.


Course Outlines

Humanities 7 Course Outline


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