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About Us...

Meadowbrook School is located on the east side of Airdrie at 1796 Meadowbrook Drive. It serves students in grades 6, 7 and 8 who reside in the communities of Big Springs, Kingsheights, Meadowbrook, Ravenswood and Thorburn. We are a school of 504 students and are in our 34th year of operation. These students are serviced by 24 teachers, five learning assistants and a support staff including two office secatary, a library commons facilitaor, a school technologist and a child development advisor (CDA).

MMS School

School Mission Statement...

At Meadowbrook School we will encourage an innovative, respectful and challenging environment which assists learners in reaching their potential as positive citizens of the global community to enhance the quality of life.

School Motto...

The motto of our school is "Meadowbrook Pride".

At Meadowbrook, we have pride in our students, staff, building, grounds, programs, activities, teams, and organized groups. Meadowbrook Pride is reflected in all aspects of our school.

Meadowbrook Pride - Our Steps to Success...






School Mascot...


Meadowbrook's mascot is the "Bulldog". A bulldog is proud, determined and always works hard. These values are reflected in our students and our school motto.

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