Lunch Program

As we are primarily a “walk-in” school, students at Meadowbrook Middle are expected to go home for lunch. However, a majority of students choose to stay at school and eat on the floor in the gym. Here are a few additional details on our program:

  • Hot water and microwaves  are not available due to overwhelming student numbers and safety issues.
  • For students who need an addition to their lunch we have a vending machine full of healthy snacks.
  • On the rare occasion when a student has forgotten their lunch, they are welcome to find our Child Development Assistant (CDA) who will provide them with one.
  • Thanks to the generosity of the Airdrie Food Bank we keep some extra food in the office.
  • The Breakfast Program also prepares extra toast etc in the morning and these items are left by the entrance door for students to eat on their way to class. A bowl of apples is also available in the office.
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