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Welcome to Meadowbrook School. Located in the heart of East Airdrie, Meadowbrook proudly serves students in grades 6 to 8. At Meadowbrook our “Bulldogs” are instilled with PRIDE: striving to be Positive, Respectful, Imaginative, Determined and Enthusiastic, which will help them in becoming contributing members and future leaders of our community.

The 2020-2021 School year will look and feel different due to the pandemic and we are aware that students and parents may feel anxious upon re-entering our school building. The school has taken many precautions to reduce risk including creating smaller class “cohorts”, limiting hallway and recess congestion, increased sanitization by school cleaning staff, the requirement of masks and hygiene practices, and a requirement for all members of our school community to be symptom-free before entering the building. I am very confident that Meadowbrook has done what it can to reduce risk while students are in the building.

In regards to learning, I am confident that your child will grow academically through our staff’s focus on engaging and challenging work in the areas of literacy and numeracy, developing the skills they will need to succeed in school and beyond. They will also grow as a person, by building on the shared values of your home, children will continue to develop integrity, compassion, strength and confidence through the guidance and mentorship of our staff.

I believe that education is extremely important as it can ignite passions and change lives. In order for this to happen a great education must focus on being real, being rigorous and made possible through relationships. The strong and talented teaching and support staff at Meadowbrook will guide your child by doing just this; by making learning real and engaging, by making rigorous learning assignments and activities, and by building and maintaining strong relationships.

In closing, I would like you to know that we are in this together and that my door is always open to you. If you would like to discuss any matter concerning your child’s education, please do not hesitate to reach me at 403-948-5656.


Greg Rankin


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