Meadowbrook School Council

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2020-2021 Board Members:


Erin Leggett


Co-Chair Nathan Gerbrecht
Secretary Kelsey Hartley

Volunteer Coordinator Laura Gerbrecht

Jenn Lowes

Kara Tufftin

Nathan Gerbrecht

Laura Gerbrecht

Kelsey Hartley

Erin Leggett

Kathy Jones

Sandra Tyliszczak

Anastathia Astrodali

Rhonda Fraudette

Christine Cameron




Jim Forrest

All parents involved in the Meadowbrook School community are invited to be part of our collaborative planning and decision making model we have implemented at the school. It is a great way to stay abreast of the developments in education at the provincial, divisional and school levels.

Parents and guardians are always welcome to attend council meetings where we will  focus on ‘Learning’ and will have teacher representatives at each meeting sharing information about their programs. This is a great opportunity to join school council and be part of the growth and development of this important entity.

Chair - Nathan Gerbrecht
Vice Chair - Open Position
Secretary - Open Position

Treasurer - Kara Tuftin

Directors -



Volunteer Coordinator -
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