Learning Support Program


School Based Team (SBT) Philosophy -To develop in Meadowbrook a collaborative and supportive team approach for the purpose of providing the most appropriate and the best possible educational means for meeting the needs of the students within the school. Members of the team include the Principal, Assistant Principal, Learning Assistance Teacher(s), Child Development Advisor, teachers who have made referrals, and teachers who teach students who have been referred.

Referrals are based on concerns including any or all of academic, attendance, behavioral, emotional, and/or other reasons and in response to referrals, the team will meet to gather information to plan an appropriate course of action for individual students. The course of action will be dependant upon each student and the academic and/or behavioral circumstance that led to the referral. The action plan will be documented and distributed electronically to staff and progress will be reviewed at subsequent SBT meetings.

The SBT may determine that an outside agency, divisional support worker(s), or other professional(s) may be required for the purpose of information gathering or input for an action plan. Subsequent meetings may be scheduled to invite outside support as well as to gather information.

When do these meetings occur?

Regular School Based Team meetings will occur weekly on Monday’s after school and where Monday is a holiday, the meeting will occur the following day. Additional meetings may be required depending on the number of students up for new referral and review.

An agenda will be electronically posted for all staff at least one day in advance of the meeting.

Where Do The Meetings Occur?

SBT meetings will take place in the conference room. Meetings are confidential and information will not be shared unless an outside resource must be contacted.

Who Is On The School Based Team?

Regular Members:

Principal – Ms. Denise Weaver

Child Development Advisor (CDA) – Mrs. Diebolt

Learning Assistance Teacher (LAT) – Mrs Chang, Mr. Jason Scott

Teachers who have made referrals are requested to attend and teachers who teach those students who have been referred.

Who is referred to the SBT?

1. Those students whose achievement/behavior/attendance (or other) create cause for concern AND the teacher will have implemented his or her own discipline policy. Teachers will have exhausted all of their own strategies for addressing concerns before referring a student to the SBT.

2. Teachers will also have contacted parents or guardians in attempts to address teacher concerns (Document all calls or communications with parents).

3. All students who are in jeopardy of not meeting course requirements once #1 and #2 above have been done.

How is a referral made?

1. The teacher submits a SBT Referral to the principal by Friday morning prior to the Monday meeting to be included on the agenda. These referrals may come to Greg via email.

2. Teachers will bring with them to the meeting information regarding:

a. achievement,

b. attendance,

c. behavior/attitude

d. strategies attempted

e. parental/guardian contact (information from the contact)

3. Once a referral has been made, the LAT will access any assessment information available about the student or any other relevant information from the student file.

At the SBT meeting:

1. LAT or principal will facilitate the meeting

2. Members of the meeting look at the information and determine a course of action.

Examples of actions may include, but are not limited to:

a. parent/student/teacher meeting

i. goals are established (with timelines)

ii. potential obstacles are identified with strategies to cope with these obstacles.

iii. consequences for not meeting the goal(s) are identified

b. Cognitive assessment referral

c. Social Behavior Mapping

d. Additional support / adaptations in the classroom

e. Referral to CDA

f. Provide temporary, alternative workplace

g. More information may be necessary to collect prior to developing an action plan.

h. External, professional support (doctors) may be deemed necessary

i. Other….


a. Review of action plans will occur within a two-week period of the meeting.

Learning Support Assistants

Learning Support Assistants are available throughout our school to support students. This team of skilled, dedicated individuals work under the direction of classroom teachers to provide support to students to help them experience academic, social, emotional and behavioral success.

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