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Welcome Bulldogs! We are ready to fire up another great year here at Meadowbrook. There's lot's of excitement to see what our Bulldogs have in store for us this year! Go Bulldogs!
Some helpful info:

1) PowerSchool

-Parents will recieve a username and password to access PowerSchool. Please keep this, as it is very important. This site contains student marks and will be updated frequently as assignments are handed in. The link for PowerSchool can be found in the Parent Portal. There is also a video tutorial that parents may wish to watch.

-Students will be given their own username and password for PowerSchool. They will be taught how to navigate the PowerSchool website during school time and will be expected to log in regularly.

2) Meadowbrook Website

-The school has a website and each teacher has a teacher page. Teacher pages may contain important dates, assignments, links and handouts.

-Students will have their own password and will be expected to log in regularly. This becomes especially helpful when students are absent so they can log in and view missed work.

-Please log into this site frequently as it contains a wealth of information

3) Student Emails

-All students in RVS have a Google email account. They can use this account to communicate with peers, teachers and parents. Their account ends in

4)    Snack - As there is no morning recess at Meadowbrook students will have a snack break part way through the morning.  With the exception of scheduled special events their snacks should be “healthy choices”.  As a general rule, sugar should not be one of the first 2 ingredients, this includes beverages.  Cookies, candy, desserts, pop, energy drinks, juice, etc. are not good options for childrens growth and nutrition for learning.  Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class. Please remember that Meadowbrook is a “nut aware” environment. Students are discouraged from brining food items containing nuts.

5) Homework Students will be given class time to complete projects and assignments, therefore, you should not expect to see a lot of work brought home. However, students are expected to complete regular review of material and study for tests and quizzes outside of school time.

6)    Assignments All major assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

7)    Criminal Record Check for Volunteers- RVS is requiring all parent volunteers complete a Criminal Record Check prior to attending fieldtrips or volunteering in the classroom. These can take several weeks so please plan ahead.

8)    Communicating with Teachers- Please feel free to contact your child’s teachers via email. All email addresses can be found on the Meadowbrook website.

Of course, there will be some things that differ between teachers and we cannot outline all things here.

Contact Me

Phone: (403)948-5656 ext. 6568

Mr. Bergman's Classes

Grade 7 Science

Grade 7 Math

Grade 7 Options

We look forward to a positive and productive year together!

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