Science & Math 7 - Mr. Shaw

See Google Classroom for access to all materials. Class codes and appropriate invitations will be emailed once pertinent information has been gathered.


I have been a teacher with Rockyview for 21 years and have been at Meadowbrook for ten. I am teaching Science & Math 7, option classes and Health 7.

Parent Tips

Set aside a time and a  quiet distraction free place for your child to get homework done. Usually in Science they have a few days to work on assignment and rarely ever get next day homework. Math 7 will have next day work so you will see homework coming home on a frequent basis. Even if they do not have any explicit work they can always read and or review material. Creating this habit will serve them well in their future educational endeavours.

Students can log you into their Google accounts at RVS. You can see their work there. It is private to other students but certainly parents are allowed to view what is being done on their Google drives. They can also help you get on Google Classroom if you are having trouble with the links provided.

CHECK Power School every two weeks. I try to update marks every two weeks depending on due dates so with other classes there should always be new data. If you are seeing a mark you don't like - ask your student first why the mark might be as it is. If that does not get a satisfactory response then email me at the provided address.

Contact Me

Email: - This is the BEST choice!

Phone: (403) 948-5656 extension 2973

Homeroom Class Schedule - Pending

Social - Ms. Kennedy

LA - Ms. Kennedy

Math - Mr. Shaw

Science - Mr. Shaw

All core classes are using Google Classroom.
  • Every assignment for the year is posted on Google Classroom and ALL students have access to the site and each assignment.
    • A link to Google Classroom for the grade level you require is found by clicking on the science icon.
  • All assignments are submitted to me EITHER on paper or through Google Classroom. A third option if the other two are not conducive is gmail to
  • All marks are posted to Power School within two weeks.
    • A "Power School updated" email will be sent to all parents who have registered a valid email with the office
      • recently submitted but not marked assignments will have a checkmark indicating it has been handed in
      • an 'L' will indicate it is late
    • A subsequent email will be sent to ALL parents who have a student with an Late assignment(s) when marks have been added to Power School
  • Any questions can be emailed to me at and I will return contact as soon as I am able.
  • Approximately once a week we do a current events class where we look at stories of interest in the world of Science
    • Promotes Inquiry, hypothesizing, interpreting and concluding
    • Current Events projects are assigned throughout the year and will be on Google Classroom.
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